• The "spollonatura"

    While the weather is stable and the temperatures are normal for the season, we are working in the vineyards doing the "spollonatura"

    The good weather has come back; in the last days we had partly cloudy weather with lows around 12°C and highs around 20-22°C. The forecasts expect it to remain stable for the next days.

    Meanwhile in the vineyards we are working for the “spollonatura”: this is a very important work consisting in removing by hand the  buds born on the trunk of the vine, therefore reducing the number of buds that will produce grapes. This is the first step of the pruning and it is crucial because it reduces the production of the grapes early in the season and it concentrates the nutrients toward a smaller number of buds. In the pictures you see the vines before the spollonatura.